There are many different types of obstacles you face every day in business and life; external, internal, and personal leadership issues.

  • External obstacles like customers, competitors, and regulations
  • Internal obstacles like productivity, efficiency, and technology issues
  • Personal leadership obstacles such as distraction, procrastination, burnout, overload, overwhelm and anxiety.

Of these three types, it is the personal leadership obstacles that I’ve found wreak the most havoc on a business, or more specifically, the tactics used to avoid confronting obstacles.

This is why much of my work is akin to business therapy, and shifts from science to art, alchemy, and therapy. It boils down to empathy, awareness and an adaptive decision-making process.

A discerning level empathy is critical to understand customers, people and teams. And all too often, understanding where people are coming from, their feelings, thoughts, is deferred to algorithms. These are extremely complex and given a great degree of trust and faith – with very little scrutiny.

So it may surprise many, that in my myriad, complex skillset and toolkit, that ultimately, it is all rooted in empathy; keen eyes, clever hands and a full heart.