Just a heads up, I write multiple columns on multiple sites and an innovation lab. I’ll try to post round-ups of some of my more interesting work here. 

Keen Eyes, Clever Hands & A Full Heart

Keen Eyes, Clever Hands & A Full Heart

There are many different types of obstacles you face every day in business and life; external, internal, and personal leadership issues. External obstacles like customers, competitors, and regulations Internal obstacles like productivity, efficiency, and technology...

If I Were To Boil It All Down

If asked to boil my career down to a few points of advice 1. All strategists and planners should have skin in the game and be accountable for their plans, including those that bless them. In my experience, the further a person is from the end result (physically,...

8 Simple Steps To a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

 1. Start with clarity -set clear, specific goals & objectives.  Write it all down and commit to it. If people did this consistently, it wouldn’t require mentioning. It would amaze you how many goals, visions, float around in vague conversations, but never...