This is a hard truth for many to swallow: most companies struggle to achieve clarity with their goals, objectives, and plans and choose to drive in the dark with the headlights off. 

Most companies struggle to  achieve clarity; clarity of vision, a clear and deep understanding of their objectives and desired outcomes. Having these nailed down steers tactics and saves a company from making costly and often deadly mistakes.

I’ve heard every excuse under the book but most of them fall under the categories of:

1. Planning is useless as nothing ever goes according to plan.

2. I have no time for planning.

In my experience, those who believe openly or privately to themselves that planning is useless, more than likely have a bad habit of doing it wrong. Specifically, their best plans are vague, overly optimistic, and budgeted and supplied only for over night success. And when success doesn’t happen, or things change, they blame the planning process and avoid taking personal responsibility. We’ve all been there. And some of the biggest, brightest and best leaders do this. In fact, I’ve seen leaders of fortune 100’s confuse goals for plans. If all you’re doing is setting goals, you’re really making wishes. Plans and wishes are two very different things. Wishes generally don’t automagically come true. 

To those who say they have no time, well what this usually means, judged by their results, is that they have a lot of time to make themselves feel busy, frantically going in the wrong direction (or several), and secretly praying that Lady Luck will come and bail them out. The 100% tactical position, band-aid and firefighting is exactly what gets businesses into these fragile and frantic positions. The first thing a leader needs to do is clear his or her schedule for some critical thinking time and chart a clear course to a better position.

Finally, the other reason I hear most often of business leaders poo-pooing planning is sour grapes, because they have deviated from their plans and consistently fail to stick to them. This is very common – and again, it’s a frame of mind we can all relate to, as we get lost and have to find ourselves and lead our companies, time and time again.


Despite this sounding like common sense, it’s not commonly practiced well, if at all. And as a result most companies miss out on amazing bottom-line growth opportunities and operational insights that give them a sustainable, competitive advantage. I help ensure they don’t miss out, as it’s critical to get this right to drive results.


I help companies seize opportunities, develop world class brands, and optimize various systems and teams in the business to create engines of growth.


I’ve spent my career getting the under the hood of businesses to prevent failure, create, manage and optimize process to drive bottom line growth. I’ve done this by developing an cross-disciplinary skill set, cultivating a playbook to drive high performance with people, process, brand, tech, and media.