A Revolutionary web app that helps real estate professionals find their clients a perfect home match by combining demographic and lifestyle criteria.


Find Your Perfect Home Match Based On Your Lifestyle

LandOnEarth is an early-stage startup that is speeding up the real estate discovery process for consumers and speeding up activation and transactions for real estate professionals. I didn’t design it or build it, I was brought on board to spread the word, and point out ways it can be even better.


When Beautiful UX Design Meets Reality


Originally a B2C platform to entice consumers to use the app, LandOnEarth, quickly shifted to focus on the real estate professional as it delivers quite a lot of value for them. The first part of the challenge of shifting gears, from marketing / social media campaigns to consumers, to marketing to educate business owners (agents and brokers) – which is pretty easy for me to switch hats. The second part of the challenge is identifying ways to increase the value delivered to the customer without breaking the bank; essentially lean Innovation in action. 


Creating educational media for real estate professionals to show them how to use and leverage the app for their success, required a lot of reps and mastery of the app itself. And by spending time with a User Centric hat on, I was able to identify and recommend changes as well as new features to increase and highlight the overall value of the app to users.







Implemented Feature Recommendations


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